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Children going to school in Lay Tong Ku village
Children going to school in Lay Tong Ku village, June 2006

Our trips are not just about nature or adventure. We carefully design the trip plan to include as much of the things Umphang has to offer as possible. It is nature, soft adventure, culture, environment, understanding, inter cultural communication, survival, education as well as knowing yourself.

In the begining or end of the trip you can overnight at our resort located in No Aye village - 1 km from Umphang town. Our resort rooms have electricity, fan, private bathroom with running piped water as well as hot shower. The restaurant in the resort will cook delicious food for you. Water boiler, coffee and tea are available. Or staying in a resort in the town is also possible.

Our private tours for foreign tourists are custom-made depending on the number of people, the time of travel, number of days, and safety consideration. We occasionally run survey or research trips to new places. All private group trips are of small size fewer than 10 people. Since most tourists are first time visitors it is necessary to communicate a lot before the starting of trip. Expectation of the tourists, the reality and un-expected encounters must be understood between the parties. We try our best to carefully arrange and prepare to have good hygiene and cleanliness, but the tourists also need to understand the limitations and nature of the tours they are taking.

Thi Lor Su to road 1288 trail - crossing a stream
Crossing a stream on the trail from Thi Lor Su waterfall to road 1288, July 2006

Few of our nature, cultural, educational and adventure trips
Please contact us for details:
  1. Rafting and walking to Ti Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) waterfall, hike to road 1288, village home stay, climb the border hill to see high waterfalls (July - November 2006) - 5 days - moderate. Below is the rough plan.
    1. Mae Sot to Umphang
    2. White water rafting to Tha Sai, walk to Thi Lor Su camp, Visit of the waterfall
    3. Walk up to the top of Thi Lor Su waterfall, hike along Klotho river to the road 1288. Pick up truck to Karen village
    4. Walk up Doi San Min mountain, camp at the waterfall
    5. Walk back to the road, pick up truck to Umphang, and back to Mae Sot

  2. Ti Lor Lay (Thi Lor Lay) waterfall, the source of the fall, Nam Mood cave, La Ka Tor lake (February - April 2007) - minimum 7 days - moderate to difficult.
    1. Mae Sot to Umphang
    2. Truck to Ban Platha. Bamboo raft down the Mae Klong river, camp
    3. To Thi Lor Lay waterfall, explore the area
    4. Raft to Nam Mood cave
    5. Hike to La Ka Tor lake
    6. Hike to Mae Klong river
    7. Hike to Ban Platha village, truck to Umphang
    8. Back to Mae Sot

  3. Thi Lor Su (Thee lor su) waterfall, Umphang Kee village home stay, and walk to Chong Yen in Klong Lan district of Kamphaeng Phet province (whole year, rainy season will be difficult)
    1. Mae Sot to Umphang
    2. Inflatable rubber rafting down Mae Klong river to Tha Sai, walk to Thi Lor Su waterfall, camp
    3. Walk to Ban Kotha village, Kotha waterfall, walk to Mae Klong river and to Ban Platha village, home stay
    4. Pick up truck transfer to Pae Do Tha village, walk to Umphang Kee Karen village, home stay (Ti Lor Su to Umphang Kee village jungle walk: 2 days 1 night minimum is possible)
    5. Jungle trek and camp
    6. Trek and arrive Chong Yen - to the car road; pick up truck to Nakhon Sawan or overnight at Mae Wong national park bungalow
    7. To Bangkok

  4. Within above programs or any other trip plan we can include training, learning for basic survival in the nature; as well as team building for your small group. You will learn to do the things and take part in the management of the trip. Depending on the nature of learning a certain number of additional days may be required. You can learn for example,
To design a custom trip for your private group please contact us. We can also arrange nature/cultural trips in other parts of Thailand as well as hotel booking.

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