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Ti Lor Lay waterfall

Ti Lor Lay (Tee Lor Re, Thi Lor Lay) waterfall is on the southern edge of Umphang wildlife sanctuary bordering Thungyai Narusan wildlife sanctuary. The campsite for visitors is located upstream. The water falls from the cliff in the middle of deep jungle making it a very attractive waterfall.

From November to June people can go to Ti Lo Lay waterfall by rafting on the Mae Klong river. Normally the trip starts at Ban Platha (Palatha) Karen village and it is roughly 5 hours to a good part of one day depending on the water level. The return journey is on foot or by elephant ride back to Ban Platha - about 7 hours walk. In the rainy season, approximately end of June to October, the water will be quite wild and it is difficult to very difficult to go there.

If you go further down stream on Mae Klong river you will be in Thungyai Narusan wildlife sanctuary. To continue rafting to Ban Mae Chantha Karen village on the junction of Mae Klong and Mae Chan rivers you need a separate permit. For hardy outdoor people other attractions are Tham Nam Mood (Nam Mok) cave into which part or whole of Mae Klong river passes, and La Ka Toe lake. Going to these two places are possible in dry season spending more days.

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