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Umphang map: Mae Klong river, Klotho stream, Mae Chan river, Umphang, Umphang Ki (Umphang Kee), highway 1090 from Mae Sot, highway 1288 to Pueng Klueng at Myanmar border, Ti Lor Su (Thi Lor Su, Tee Lor Su) waterfall, Pha Luad and Tha Sai (trail heads to Ti Lor Su camp), Ban Kotha, Ban Thi Pho Gyi, Ban Palata (Palatha), Ban Mong Kua (Muang Kua), Ban Lay Tong Ku, etc.

The map below Ti Lor Lay (Thi Lor Lay) waterfall (click the link) will show Tham Nam Mood (Nam Mok) cave, La Ka Toe lake, Mae Chantha Karen village, etc.

Umphang map above Ti Lor Lay waterfall (default) | Umphang map below Ti Lor Lay waterfall

We will use these maps when we plan the trek and village home stay trip. The map does not show the mountains and the distances. You can approximate the distances using the fact that Ti Lor Su camp to Ban Kotha trail which is almost flat is 7 km. The trails however will be zip-zap and going up and down. In the dry season, November to May, the dry season roads can be used by pick up trucks. From June to October the trails will be muddy, wet and difficult.