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Making a bamboo bridge to cross a white water
Making a bamboo bridge to cross a white water
A difficult section in a trek
Another difficult section in a trek

Umphang is relatively unknown to foreign tourists to Thailand. The region originally inhabited by hilltribe Karen (Kayin) people on both sides of the borderline (Thailand and Myanmar or Burma) is the land of waterfalls, caves, cliffs, and tribal culture. The place is a perfect venue to go for an adventure vacation in sustainable small group jungle hikes, white water rafting, first hand experience of minority ethnic people culture, forest survival, as well as enjoying the sheer beauty of the nature. Local villagers will be your guides, trail readers, helpers and porters.

Umphang wildlife sanctuary contains much of Umphang forested mountains, watershed areas, and good parts of Mae Klong, Mae Chantha, Klotho and many other river streams as well as some Karen villages. Ti Lor Su (also Thi Lor Su or Tee Lor Su) waterfall has been a main attraction for the tourists.

Khun Boonlum Traveling to Umphang at the time being is possible via Mae sot by highway 1090 in the mountains. The 160+ km distance between Mae Sot and Umphang is scenic, beautiful but for some people its 1200 turns are a headache. The possibility of other routes such as Chong Yen (the end of highway 1117 in Klong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet province) from Umphang Kee village (2 days 1 night) is often talked about.

Hilltribe people have been traveling on foot (often bare feet) on many trails connecting the villages for generations. They would walk 25 to 35 km over the hills and passing the streams in one day and ask for a place to spend the night at a village. These trails are, one by one, becoming the walking routes for the visiting tourists.

We custom design the trip depending on your likes, ability, tolerance and adaption to the difficulties, number of days you have, the time of the travel, weather condition, etc. We have our own fleet of pick-up trucks, inflatable rafts, personal floatation devices and safety gear. If your group speak Thai contact our phones in Umphang. If your group do not speak Thai or Karen, please contact our tour leader in Bangkok to make sure effective communication and you get the most out of the trip. Communication with the tribal villagers, learning of their life and way of living, explanation before the trip, meeting your expectation, and reasonable level of hygiene will be paid great importance.

Our Resort
Our resort

In the begining or end of the trip you can overnight at our resort located in No Aye village - 1 km from Umphang town. In the garden we have houses with basic guest bedrooms, toilets and cleaning areas, and a restaurant. The rural village style bed rooms have electricity, fan, private bathroom with running piped water as well as hot shower. The restaurant will cook delicious food for you. Water boiler, coffee and tea are available at the restaurant's dining platform.

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