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We arrange tourist visa to enter Myanmar (Burma), China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Some of our clients come from a place where they do not have embassy of above countries. Sometimes our clients spend holidays in southern or northern Thailand and want to fly to Myanmar or Cambodia right away. In that case they send us their passport and we arange the visa for them.

Visa service fees are changing depending on the urgency. Please call us or send an email. If you are in Bangkok we will send our messenger to your place to pick your passport, 3 color photos, and fee for the visa. When we get your pasport with the visa stamp we will send it back to you by messenger.

If you are not in Bangkok please send us by mail your passport, photos and the funds that includes return postage as well as your full mailing address. As soon as we get your visa we will return your passport to you.

Nearly 90% of our clients who assigned us to do visa also booked air tickets with us. That makes things easier since we know your flights, we can manage to get your visa on time. It also saves your time by getting two items done at one place. You can spend your precious time doing your own business. Your air tickets and visa will arrive at your door!