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Panwa Group Accounting & Auditing Offices in Bangkok

Panwa Auditing and Accounting - Thailand (Thai auditor:CPA:Certifed Public Accountant)
Panwa Group Company Limited
Panwa Auditing Company Limited
Panwa Accounting and Tax Company Limited

Our brief background

Panwa Group, founded in year 2000, is accounting, auditing and tax-business advisory firm based in Bangkok. Founder and managing director is Mr. Prasert Poothong, a certified public accountant (C.P.A. Thailand) with over 10 years experience at management level. We serve small to medium size local and international companies in various businesses all over Thailand.

At present we are providing auditing services to more than 120 companies, and accounting and taxation services to more than 80 companies all over Thailand. Many of these businesses have foreign, non-Thai partnerships.

As experienced Thai accountants, auditors, consultants and negotiators we understand the complex nature and changes of Thai laws, regulations and red tape. We are also constantly updating ourselves to be able to provide our clients up to date information and the best services for the success of their businesses. Whenever necessary we inform our clients of news and changes and updates related to their business and taxation matters. We help our client companies and corporations plan their corporate taxation and accounting.

Types of business services we provide Taxation
We provide you all taxation services related to your business. Our service also cover meeting, declaration and negotiation with Government tax officers when requested. Types of tax services consist of: Accounting
We provide monthly and yearly accounting entry such as Journal, General Ledger and preparing Financial Statement (according to generally accepted accounting principles and under Thai regulations), including submission of financial statement to auditor.

In case the company requires monthly report, we are very glade to complete the report as soon as possible in the following month.

Furthermore our services shall be practiced carefully under the Accounts Act of B.E 2000 authorized by the Director-General of the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce.

We will assign an auditor to verify financial statement according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principle, including test of accounting transaction and other methods in order to present financial status of your company.

Subsidiary audit required by the consolidated regulation or requirement

Special purpose audit
Our team of experienced auditors and accountants perform both internal and external audit. We provide special purpose audits in areas of special concern such as acquisition, tax refund and other special cases. We will provide independent advice and support to clients undertaking merger and acquisitions, refinancing, restructuring, joint ventures or other forms of strategic business commitment and transactions.

In an acquisition case, we will focus on the business process or operation, contracting and revenue or profit recognition. In this process, we will be able to determine the risk levels and recommend controls on how to minimize or avoid these associated risks.

The acquisition of business process normally includes the following sub-processes: This document can be used as a general guide to understand and review the process. Organizations should continuously update and monitor the processes included in this document to ensure that it reflects business operations. A sample of organization chart is also included to describe your companys organization structure. Our team is experienced and will not only find financial discrepancies but also the occurrence of any financial fraud. After a careful analysis, we can provide guidelines and regulations on how to prevent fraud in your company.

We have expertise in assisting clients to understand the tax implications on every transaction of the business and identify clear and accurate solutions to distinguish adverse tax implications or to optimize taxation. We are also experienced in tax investigations and tax refund claims, concerning value added tax, withholding tax and permanent establishment tax audits in relation to the Revenue Department. We know how to discover overpaid taxes, build a case for your refund, compile evidence, and file the necessary documents with the governing body. We will audit and develop an audit strategy to match your company operations. Well work and handle all correspondence from the taxing agency, while you operate your business conveniently. During the auditing process, we will monitor all the necessary documents, present objections and suggest necessary adjustments. We will look forward for refund and credit opportunities.

Due Diligence
Our specialized team of accountants and auditors will conduct company investigation focusing on various concerns such as technical, financial, marketing and controls, tax and labor matters before you engage in an investment such as company merger, acquisition, takeover, privatization or any other business or financial commitment to avoid absorbing such problems as hidden liabilities and risk exposures associated with certain commercial transactions.

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine regulatory compliance status; review management policies and facilities; and identify problems and liabilities including the past business transactions.

Our evaluation team usually focus the review on the following aspects: You can trust our professional team

Heads of auditing team are tasked with full time duty and are available to answer inquiries from the clients. Our heads of auditing team are: All Audit staffs have accounting degree from university and continue to study by attending seminars by government departments and private organizations, as well as by in-house learning program. Every year audit staffs have to sit in the internal examination as part of their promotion accessment.

Panwa Auditing Company Limited holds the license with Federation of Accounting and Profession under the sector 11 of The Act of Accounting B.E. 2004 for audit company. Our license number is 0105546050917 with current validity period from October 21, 2005 to October 20, 2008.

Our Bangkok address
1560 Ladprao Road, Kwangwangthonglang, Wangthonglang,
Bangkok 10310, Thailand.
Phone: +66-(0)2-933 6121, +66-(0)2-933 6122
Fax: +66-(0)2-933 6120
Email: bkk [at] panwa [dot] co [dot] th
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Bangkok location map
Location map of Panwa Accounting and Auditing
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