Thai - English Translator, Teacher/Tutor and Editor

I have been teaching English to Thais, Thai to foreigners, and doing translation and editing since 1996. You can find me in Thailand most of the time. During the breaks and between the projects I might be travelling out in the country, other parts of South East Asia or US and Canada.

In Thailand I also teach Tourism Management and English to Thai students in the colleges and Universities part time. If you need quality, confidential, technical or any other types of translation between English and Thai please drop me an email with your contact details and summary of the jobs.

Services I offer include
  1. English to Thai translation
  2. Teaching English to Thais in person or on-line - read my blog on English for Thai students
  3. Teaching Thai to foreigners in person or on-line
  4. Editing (translated) Thai text
  5. Book translating (English to Thai), editing, publishing
  6. Translation (Thai to English or English to Thai) and editing of corporate/organizational publications such as report, journal, profile, manual, press release, etc.
My qualifications, experiences, & resources Sample works available upon serious request. Please be sure to include your full name, contact details, organization, and brief summary of the jobs you want to assign to me in your email.

Contact Ms. Kanokwan Suwanpakdee
Contact by phone ++66 (0) 81 802 1723
By email: ksuwanpakdee [at] yahoo [dot] com

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