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Our web development service helps small and medium size businesses get onto the internet to meet with prospective clients directly as well as do research, study and whatever they want is good for them. We provide creation of simple but informative websites to promote their products and services over the internet. We also do information research and help improve the quality of products and services. Our services include: Before you start to have your own web site for business there are things to consider:

Internet oriented organization
People discussing Your web site should be built on the solid foundation of fast, flexible and integrated organization that has good business relationships with associates and members.

Each member of your team needs to understand the benefit of this internet website and cooperate in the building and running the web based business. Organization members share the vision, develop strategies and take decisions on business actions. Education, sharing the ideas, empowerment, social and environmental responsibility are a few of the important features that every organization must create in today our world.

The materials shown on the web site must be representing the reality of your organization, in as much details as possible.

Therefore when you build a web site the first step is to build a good and efficient physical organization. Then based on this foundation you can start working for a website to enlarge your business empire.

Your organization must understand that things keep changing. And you can not wait for an opportunity. You have to create it. To be able to gain fair success the organization must be flexible, educational, fast moving and above all it must be a one which every member love.

Content of a web site
Content Content is the cream of a website. In fact content is the main point of any publication whether it be a newspaper, magazine or a book.

So what is the content of your web site? It requires you and your team to thoroughly understand your own business and related matters such as marketing, how the people see your business, products and services, etc. Complicated thinking is not necessary. Simple and straightforward way will work. When you go in a shop you would want to know what are there for you, and how useful these are, how to use these, will these things last long, what are the costs, how to deal with left-over and packages, etc. An internet web site is almost the same as a real shop or an office room, except that it is not real. It is a virtual reality.

Below is a list of some items or components that should be included in a general business web site. Please note that these are just a minimum general requirement and depending on the type and nature of business you will need much more than these.
  1. Introduction or homepage
  2. About you or profile of your company
  3. List of your products and services
  4. Details of your product or service no. 1
  5. Details of your product or service no. 2, and so on.
  6. Quality control of your products and services: how do you keep the quality up to acceptable levels.
  7. Information related to your products or services (this could expend to several pages)
  8. Information indirectly related to your products or services (if you are a hotel, then you can show information on the interesting places around your hotel, in your town, a map, or links to other useful sites)
  9. Terms and conditions
  10. Other policy such as shipping, packing, payment, reject return, cancellation.
  11. If you have other projects not related to your business such as educational, sports and recreation; then you should mention these too.
  12. Privacy policy.
Remember the people in your physical office should know what are currently on the web site. They must take care of any inquiry via the web site; and updating of the content whenever necessary.

The organization (layout) of the website also play an equally important role. A web site with good content will be unsuccessful if the information is disorganized. Below are some simple guidelines for your web site design.
  1. Put the most important stuff near the top of the document. Some of these important stuff include the title of the page, the purpose of the page, etc.
  2. Write clearly in simple language.
  3. Do not overload your web page with graphics. Pages with lot of graphics take a long time to download.
  4. Do not put too much stuff on a single page.
  5. Provide ways for visitors to communicate with you. Show your contact details including the email address (important), phone and fax numbers, mailing address plus feed-back form to instantly send you the message over the internet.
  6. Make the web site accessible to as many people as possible, including those with text-based browsers and slow modem connection, older version browsers.
  7. Organize the web site into several pages. Add simple navigation system to go around the web site.
The navigation system of a web site should have the following properties:
- Tell the people exactly what is available on each page
- Help them get to the parts they want quickly
- Make it easy to request additional information

Promoting your web site
Marketing Now you have a web site to sell your products and services over the internet. But the problem is no one find your web site. So what do you do? You need to promote or advertise your web site.

Actually the promotion of a web site starts together with its design. The writing, the organization of the web site, the information it contains all play very important roles in the promotion.

More than 80% of your web site visitors would come through search engines. Search engines are the places on the internet where people look for anything they want. A search engine is a database of a huge number of web sites and their pages. Search engines store these data in their specific method. Basically the data (of a web page) stored in a search engine include the title, description or the parts of the text itself on the page. When people search by typing words in the search box the search engine give a result page containing the (locations of) web pages which it thinks are most relevant to the words typed. Now you can see if your web site is not listed in any search engine then no one would see you on the search result pages.

Therefore once your web site is finished you must submit your site to as many popular search engines as possible. Please note that to help construct the quality internet for everyone all search engines have responsibility to document and keep only those web pages which are informative and considered useful for the visitors.

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