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All information and contents including, but not restricted to, all texts such as names, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, web addresses; and all maps and graphics, as well as all other contents of this web site are posted as we received and collected from the providers. Although we try our best to publish only those we think are correct and useful there may be some invalid or wrong information in the website.

Therefore use of any information in this website is in your own risk. Wherever and whenever possible please check the content of this website against other sources. We will not be held responsible for any problem and damage created by the use of any information in this website. You, as users of this website, agree to the fact that you take your own responsibility and risk when applying any single information in this website.

To help us build a web of useful and valid information for every internet users please use General inquiry form to let us know the mistake in our website, or to send us a new information that you think we should publish. If your information gets published in this website it will become the property of and we will include a credit to your name.

Third party information

All information and contents posted by third parties including, but not restricted to, banner advertisers, mini websites, websites which have links in this website, people who sent stories and articles are not under our control. Therefore we do not take any responsibility for any problem and damage that could occur from those information.

Use and reproduction of information

You are allowed to use information in this website for your pure personal matters excluding publication. However use of information in this website for a commercial purpose is prohibited. If you want to include any information from this website in your non-commercial publication please use General inquiry form to contact us for permission.

However all graphics in this website are not allowed to be re-produced in any publication whether it be commercial or non-commercail. Please read the below paragraph.

Use and reproduction of graphics

All graphics such as, but not restricted to, maps and photos belong to individual member(s), associates, and Use of any graphic items for any publication or delivery to a third party are prohibited.

If you want to purchase specific photos and information, or want us to do a research (for example by travelling to a place) to collect information, photos, etc. for you please use Research request form to receive our proposal.

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