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Our informal education and training programs for adults cover some important fields people normally face with both at work and outside of their job environment. The medium of communication is mainly English or English and Thai. The details of the courses are somewhat flexible depending on the students' requirement and skill level.

Some of the goals of our training courses are: We are different from many other training classes. Our classes are no spoon-feeding, nor are there ready-made fancy teaching assistants such as so-called edu-tainment items. We will show you that you have enough powers both in your brain and your body to learn things. We will guide you, sometimes tell hints on how to see and manage the things, and literally learn together with you - to make you realize that you can do, and that you have to do.

At the moment the classes are private, and small size, up to 5 people per class. Study hours are evening on weekdays and day time on weekends. Students are required to complete job assignments by producing report, presentation, or research papers. Students think and present their ideas in our discussion style classes.

Your learning partners/trainers
Here in our classes there are no real teachers, but only the ones who will show you and guide you on the way to the attainment of something really useful in your life.

Experience and qualification of two trainers: Both trainers have worked for small and medium size businesses in international setting. They have studied much of their skills from mistakes, reading books, from people of all walks, observation, and actually doing. Ask them questions till they say they don't know.

In addition we have a pool of senior citizens from around the world with dozens of years of life and working experiences. They will volunteer as guest lecturers on availability basic.

Supporting materials, facilities and opportunities

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