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Two long time best friends, one from Thailand and the other from Myanmar (Burma), together set up a small company called KSS Wise Ltd., Part. at the end of 1999 to do some business cum education. They have different life styles but what is similar is that they both have personally faced lots of hardships in their lives since childhood. They have struggled, failed many times, succeeded sometimes, and are patiently and deligently continuing to live to work - not just for themselves but for others too.

They understand the life is an elastic, multi dimensional mixture of many good things as well as bad ones such as lies, hatred, hidden facts, lost truths, fabrications of information, discrimination or prejudices.

However they have discovered the beauty in the nature and true love. The complex yet simple system of nature is the best example for mankind to learn and understand about themselves, and to love each other.

Their company has plan to do the following: This website is to deliver useful information and to offer low price website creation services. Other websites the company is keeping include which is about trekking, nature walk, camping, national parks in Thailand and so on.

The founders of the company would like to express their sincere thanks to Aon (St.John of Bangkok); K, Bom, Fon, Mahm, Sai,Jiew, Yai (Ramkhamhaeng University of Bangkok) who took turn to contribute their precious times and efforts; and friends from provinces of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar who patiently answered the questions and sent information. Without them these websites will not be possible.

KSS Wise Ltd., Part.
4/1 Soi Ladprao 52, Ladprao road, Wangthonglang
Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310. Thailand.

05 Dec 2007

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