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Mae Hong Son town & Lisu Kung Patueng village (04-06 Jan 2010)

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Inside of an old Lisu house where we stayed 10 years ago
Inside of an old Lisu house where we stayed 10 years ago

Corn used mostly to feed pigs

One of three remaining old Lisu houses on the hills
One of three remaining old Lisu houses on the hills

After spending a good time with the old peoples (an old couple and another elderly man) still living in the old village we sadly said good bye to them and return. On the way we took a stop at a hot spring where Lisu peoples set up stalls to sell their handicrafts to tourists. This became a way of generating income during the tourist season. Apart from this and farming, some peoples might go to town and other villages to find labour jobs.

Handmade Lisu products
Handmade Lisu products

Like other hilltribe peoples Lisu has their unique design, pattern and colours that are visible on their handmade products. They produce bags, clothes and cloths, other household items, tools, and musical equipment as well as decorations. Raw materials they use include cotton, wood, bamboo, natural dye from trees for coloring, and metal such as bronze. However as the Lisu peoples' villages in Thailand develop slowly, the new generations are losing the traditional skills such as making things by hand and jungle survival.

A Thai Airways plane landing Mae Hong Son airport
A Thai Airways plane landing Mae Hong Son airport (Photo taken from Wat Doi Kong Mu)

Travel to Mae Hong Son is getting easier. It is linked to Chiang Mai via at least two highways: northern route passing Pai and the southern road passing Hod and Mae Sariang. There are daily flights between the two cities by Thai Airways. From the south buses from Bangkok and other cities arrive Mae Hong Son daily via Mae Sot and Mae Sariang.

Wat Phra That Doi Kung Mu on the hill in the town
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu on the hill in the town

Probably the most famous architecture in town the two Zedi style structures built in Shan/Myanmar design are visible from across the town.

View of the town and lake from Doi Kong Mu hill
A view of the town and lake from Doi Kong Mu hill

10 and more years ago the lake was surrounded by trees and the temples in the south. Now it is surrounded by guesthouses. Still there are trees and greens; hopefully the healthy combination of human and its environment continues to exist far into the future.

Wat Chong Kham at night
Night view of Wat Chong Kham

Books donation sent to Mae Hongf Son public library
Books donation sent to Mae Hong Son public library

On my last day in Mae Hong Son I went to the town's public library to search for some good books just to discover that the library was still in development and its collection was limited to a few thousands mostly Thai literature. The library does receive daily newspapers, some magazines and buy some books. By the fact that only few peoples would visit for a read it was obvious that good informative and knowledgable books and records were lacking. So back in Bangkok office I selected few hundreds good books mostly in English and sent by bus to the library as donation.

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