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Trail of Khmer Architecture in north-eastern Thailand - Buriram & Korat (12 to 14 September 2008)

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Paddy field near Prasert Hin Muang Tam temple site

We came back to Prasart Phanom Rung at about 4 p.m. There were not many tourist cars at the parking lot. Some souvenir sellers gathered in front of their shops doing physical exercise. At a restaurant near the entrance ticket boot I saw grilled fish and chicken on a tray which looked like cooked a week before. Maybe this month is not a busy time for the sellers.

Phnom Rung temple on top of extinct volcano, Buriram

We entered the compound of the large hilltop sanctuary. An impressive 200 meters stone avenue leads to mountain top main building. This Khmer sanctuary dates from the beginning of the Angkor Wat period, early in the 12th century. A lintel of Reclining Vishnu, stolen from the temple was recently returned by an American museum following protests.

Students and their handicapped tour guide

We met a group of primary school students on their study tour. They were circling around a guide listening to the brief history of the site. Coming near to them I noticed that the male guide was having problems with speaking and leg. He might be a kind of handicapped person. He looked happy sharing the knowledge with the children. This tourist place looks more beautiful when the word from a disabled person is listened with great attention.

Phnom Rung temple, Buriram

Phnom Rung temple, Khmer archaeological site, Buriram

We reached to a view point at the back of the main building to see the sundown. Unluckily, we could see only some orange lights penetrating through thick layers of clouds.

A view from Phnom Rung temple on top of extinct volcano, Buriram

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