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Four days and three nights adventure jungle expedition by International students of British School of Kuwait in Khao Yai national park (19 to 22 April 2008)

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This second time Khao Laem mountain trek starts from sub station 3 area and ends at Haew Suwat waterfall in the central part of Khao Yai national park. With the large group size (15 students and 2 teachers), small camping areas and low water level in the mountain stream it was not an easy expedition. Each night we camp well after sunset. However, after four days of hard trek, the whole party completed the walk exhausted but happily.

From the jungle we saw a white temple at a distance
View from the forest - a white temple under construction in Pak Chong district outside Khao Yai national park.

The begining of the walk is easy on the relatively flat land. One hour later we were going up and into the thick jungle. At one point we had an opening with the view of the countryside. It was the only view of the civilization we saw during the entire four days trek.

Little stream in the jungle
Little water in the stream

When we walked down the hills to the stream below only little murkey water awaiting in the canal. We continued walking along the downstream for another half an hour and camped at a place where the water was adequate for cooking and cleaning.

In the middle of the jungle
In the middle of the jungle

The jungle in which we were camping. Little water, thick plantation, thorns, insects made it quite an adventure. The small space available for tenting is another reality we were facing.

My sleeping place
My sleeping place on the bank of the little river

Finally everyone got his or her sleeping place. I had this place a few meters above the little water, where a sheet was laid on the ground and another was hanged over a rope as a roof.

Where I took half shower last night
Where I took half shower last night

This is where I took half shower last night. The little water need very careful touch not to stir up dirts and muds. Half shower is what you can have the most just to have a good night sleep after a long sweaty walk.

Be careful! There are thorns.

Thorns on the right. Branch on the ground. Thorns at eye level. Such were the warnings made by people walking ahead in the dark through the thick jungle.

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