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Mae Sot, Umphang, bamboo rafting, Mor Thalu cave, trek to Thilorsu waterfall, Kotha village, Thipogyi village, Mae Klong river view point on Lay Kathit hills, and to Platha village (16 to 21 March 2008)
Four students from United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

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A rock bridge
A rock bridge or a hole in the rock

Under the rock wall
Under the rock wall

Sometimes our rafts came closely under the large cliff overhanging above the river. These moments happened like electricity black out. But we had to use bamboo poles, and paddles against the wall not to hid the rocks or even worse go underneath and capsize. These were the times of excitement.

A foot path on the burnout ground
A footpath on the fire

At the end of the rafting we started our trek on the western bank of Mae Klong river to Thilorsu waterfall campsite. Signs of dry season - the forest fires - were at many places. Here we walked on the footpath made clearly visible by the burnout grass after a fire.

Thilorsu waterfall in March 2008
Thilorsu waterfall in March 2008

The water amount was low in the middle of March. But it was good to have a swim in its emerald cool waters studded with rocks and boulders. After all it was a long walk from Mae Klong river all the way to the waterfall.

Thilorsu waterfall camp ground
Thilorsu waterfall camp ground

The camp ground is located 1.5 km from the waterfall. If possible you should avoid visiting this place in one of the long holidays of Thailand such as newyears (X-mas, Thai and Chinese), and other lond weekends breaks due to the crowds. Please check with the calendar. In the wet season (July to September) the grass could be very very wet. Pick up trucks could enter the camp area during the dry season (November to May). The camp lies beside Klotho stream - the downstream of Thilorsu waterfall.

Drawing the sketch of buffalo skull
Drawing the sketch of a buffalo skull

The third day of our trek was a 15 km (actually it could be more considering the zip zap nature of the trail) walk from Thilorsu waterfall camp to Ban Thipogyi vllage via Ban Kotha which is almost in the middle. The first half to Ban Kotha is 7 km, and at the middle of it was a buffalo skull hanging on a tree beside Klotho stream. We took a stop there and made sketches of the skull.

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