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Umphang, Thilor Su waterfall, Klotho stream, Ban Kotha and Thipogyi Karen villages, Mae Klong river, Bamboo rafting to Thilor Lay waterfall - Trek, camping and homestay (29 February - 04 March 2008)

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Thilor Lay waterfall, Mae Klong river - Um Phang
Thilor Lay waterfall

Thilor Lay waterfall was created by streams that come out of rocks and underground channels on the eastern side of Mae Klong river. When the water falls over the cliff it looks spectacular in the middle of thick jungle and between the cliffs on both sides of the river.

Thilor Lay waterfall, Mae Klong river to Zipala village walk
Farm huts on the trail from Mae Klong river to Ban Zipala village

After taking good shower we came back upstream to a place where the trail head to Ban Zipala village is. The trail is a long path begining with a hiking up of a rocky mountain. After the mountain it was about easy to moderate level of trek.

Huay Hin Dan stream
Huay Hin Dan stream

A nice small stream on the way to Ban Zipala village. At the end of a long 7 hours walk we arrived into Ban Zipala village where we got a pick up truck to Ban Platha and to Umphang.

Sunrise view from Umphang town
Sunrise view from Umphang town

Our final night was spent in a guesthousen in Umphang town. In the morning we enjoyed good breakfast while the sun was rising over the eastern horizon. It was a very beautiful moment, and the moment we were to leave. We will always remember Umphang and its people .

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