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Umphang, Thilor Su waterfall, Klotho stream, Ban Kotha and Thipogyi Karen villages, Mae Klong river, Bamboo rafting to Thilor Lay waterfall - Trek, camping and homestay (29 February - 04 March 2008)

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Bee hives high in the tree
Bee hives high in the trees

Really many bee hives hanging (or sticking) the tree branches high in the air. I once bought a bottle of honey in a shop in Mae Sot which was supposely from this Um Phang area. It was good.

A forest trail to Thipogyi village
The trail in the forest to Thipogyi village

After an hour in the wood we began to going up the hill at first steadily. It was generally not very demanding. However considering the total distance of approximately 16 km from Thilorsu waterfall to Ban Thipogyi village is not a very easy walk.

Arriving at the farms of Ban Thipogyi village
Arriving at the farms of Thipogyi village

With blue sky and hills in the back ground the small farm hut stood in the middle of paddy farms before the entrance dirt road to Thipogyi village.

After reaching the hill with viewpoint from where we could under the fine weather see Platha village, we went down hill and touched the paddy farms. Across the paddy are hills among which Thipogyi village stands.

Thipogyi village home dinner
Thipogyi village home dinner

Just before 4 p.m. we reached the village proper and directly walked to the village head's house to inform our intention to stay there one night. As we already knew the head it was smoothly arranged to use one of his daughters' house opposite his as our one-night shelter.

We were allowed to use the kitchen and cooking utensils, as well as a bedroom and a living space for sleeping and eating.

Thipogyi village in early morning
Thipogyi village in the morning

Thipogyi village is a traditional Karen community that still observes many of their ancient customs relating to the things in the house and the house itself. The villagers do farming of rice paddy and corn - the usual works found in almost all mountain villages in Um Phang. They raise chicken and pigs, and grow some vegetable and fruits. Hand weaving is practised in some homes.

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