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Jungle trek and camping: Nang Rong waterfall, Sai Yong Hin fall, Tad Ta Pu fall, Manow fall - Khao Yai national park (28 - 31 Jan 2008)

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The last day walk was generally easier. We followed Raya stream passing Manow waterfall ,which was quite small now, and took a short cut through the forest to emerge onto the road.

Arriving at the road
We reached the road at about 1 p.m.

After more than 3 hours of jungle walk we finally arrived at the road. It was like a big reward for our three days tropical jungle survival. It was a moment of relief and completion. We went back to the sub station, took shower, pack and came to Nakhon Nayok bus station where an outdoor market was in its progress.

Tha Dan Dam
Tha Dan Dam, Nakhon Nayok

Tha Dan dam is said to be one of the longest concrete dam in the world at the length of 2700 meters. The concrete wall dams the Klong Tha Dan stream creating a lake behind it. It is possible to do a nature walk from the dam to Namtok Haew Narok waterfall in the central-south of Khao Yai national park.

Nakhon Nayok bus station market
Nakhon Nayok bus station market (Monday and Thursday) (John)

The satellite image of our trek points
The Google Earth image of our trek points. Locations are just approximate.

Satellite image in 3d
Another Google Earth image in 3D view. The locations are approximate.

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