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Jungle trek and camping: Nang Rong waterfall, Sai Yong Hin fall, Tad Ta Pu fall, Manow fall - Khao Yai national park (28 - 31 Jan 2008)

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First night camp on the river bank
First night jungle camp in tents (John)

We camped close to a river intersection in the valley surrounded by hills. We had rice, soup, bread, hot drinks, and orange fruit. We also got some frogs caught from the river. The weather was fine and cool, but not very cold. We took shower in the river.

First night camp on the river bank
First night jungle camp (John)

The two forest rangers used hammocks to sleep away the night between the trees. They were friendly and very helpful. They worked hard to find the trail which was not used for a long time. They also brought with them a map, a magnetic compass and a GPS receiver devise in addition to a two way radio communicator.

Stone studded clear mountain stream
A mountain stream of Khao Yai jungle in January

A nice little clear waters stream where we bathed, cleaned our pots and cups, and took water for cooking and drinking. We heard sounds of wild elephants from a distance. In the morning long calls of gibbons came in from another direction.

Stone studded clear mountain stream
A branch of Nang Rong stream

The begining of the dry season (January) scene of a tributory of Nang Rong river. It was just cute and clear and much more than enough for our small party of four. In the very dry months of March to May the the water would be very small and it might be less than moving. On the other hand the trek in rainy season (end of June to November) would be almost impossible due to heavy water flow.

If you come from a colder plan than Thailand you need a lot of drinking water to replenish losses in heavy perspiration in the dry season. We added electrolite mineral refills into our drinking water. An electrolyte pack usually contains glucose, sodium, potassium, citrate or bicarbonate and sometimes vitamin C. In our January trek we drank roughly 3 liters of water per day per person.

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