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Jungle trek and camping: Nang Rong waterfall, Sai Yong Hin fall, Tad Ta Pu fall, Manow fall - Khao Yai national park (28 - 31 Jan 2008)

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A rock pool in Nang Rong stream
A pool sorrounded by rocks in Nang Rong stream

A beautiful water pool surrounded by stones, and fed by streams that flow down the rock channels from the upper elevations of Nang Rong stream. The rocky stream and steep sided hills make it one of the hard places in Khao Yai national park for trekkers. In the wet season strong water flow and heavy rapids will make it worse in addition to the leeches.

Walking over the rocks
Walking over the rocks

At one place we found a passage amids the rocks to push ahead along the river. It is however not easy but still possible to take photos. At other instances where we faced with harder situations cameras were kept inside the waterproof bags and thus we did not get those in the record.

A section of Sai Yong Hin waterfall
A section of Sai Yong Hin waterfall

At a distance we saw an upper section of Sai Yong Hin waterfall in the middle of the rocks. After that we did not see any more comparable rapids in the stream until we reached a place to camp at a stream intersection where a tributary flows into Nang Rong stream.

A nice walk on the river bank
On the river bank

As breaks between the energetic and demanding sections we allso enjoyed easy nice walks. But of course we were not in control of where and when. Anyway we could always stop for a drink at an appropriate place and time.

Another nice section of Nang Rong river
Nam Rong stream

This photo was taken about one hour before arriving at our first night camp. The somewhat symmetrical looking part of the river was surrounded by very green jungle.

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