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Khao Yai national park (eastern area) north to south trek: 02 - 05 January 2008

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Rocky bed of a dry stream
Rocky bed of a dry stream and its waterfall


On the rocks we saw this 8 inch long animal locally called "Takhab". It was said that this animal bite could make you (badly) sick for several days.

Kaeng Hin Phoeng white waters on Sai Yai river
Kaeng Hin Phoeng rocks

Today walk was easy without cutting the thorns and getting lost any more. It was like walk for regaining the energy lost in the previous two days. Water at Kaeng Hin Phoeng rocks was very low. No rafting was possible.

Sai Yai river
Lower Sai Yai river about 20 minutes before we got to Sub station 9

Khao Yai national park, sub station 9
Khao Yai national park, sub station 9

Sub station 9 is nearby the lower section of Sai Yai river, in Nadi district in Prachinburi province. Our three days jungle trek started in sub station 4 (Nakhon Ratchasima province) finished here.

Our trekking trail
Our trekking trail route by Google Earth Image

The table-top mountains are the eastern part of Khao Yai national park. The tip of the triangle is its eastern tip. Highway 304 runs there south to north between Khai Yai and Thap Lan national parks.

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