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Khao Yai national park (eastern area) north to south trek: 02 - 05 January 2008

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Trekking through thick forest, out of the beaten track
Trekking through the thick forest

The second day trek was found to be more demanding, and taking longer time. The trail was almost invisible under the forest overgrowth. No one had walked this part of the trail for one year already and we had to use the knife to cut the sharp tree branches, and thorns to make way to walk and find the trail.

Mushrooms, the forest floor
Mushrooms on the forest floor

The last part of today trek was getting down the steep slope dotted with bamboo to Sai Yai river. After more than 6 hours of jungle walk we were almost literally sliding down the hill holding whatever plants we can grab to prevent us from falling over. Arriving at down stream Sai Yai river
Hitting Sai Yai river again

Sai Yai river in the low land
Sai Yai river at 5 p.m.

At 5:20 p.m. we arrived at Sai Yai river in the low land. It was as beautiful as in the upstream - in the valley by the higher hills. Water flow was more gentler. It was actually a very nice pond with clear water good for a swim after a 7 hours hard walk.

Sai Yai river with rocky bank
Sai Yai river with rocks in the morning

The camp site for the night was quite a flat ground, and was said to be a place rangers and villagers camped more often than out of a beaten spot. It was also not far from a rough jungle road that could connect to Nadi district.

Jungle road
Jungle road

Next day morning we walked on the jungle road for an hour before arriving at Kaeng Hin Phoeng (white water rafting place in the rainy season). On the way we passed by rock bed of a dry stream.

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