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Khao Yai national park (eastern area) north to south trek: 02 - 05 January 2008

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Camping on Sai Yai river bank, Khao Yai national park
Camping on Sai Yai river bank

This time we camped 50 meters upstream from the place we did in our previous trip. We searched for dead dry woods, built fire, prepared for cooking, and pitched the tents on the rocks. The night would be cold. Never the less all of us took shower in the river. After the dinner and an hour of round the fire talk under the star-dotted sky we all went to sleep.

Sai Yai river, Khao Yai national park
Sai Yai river, Khao Yai national park at 5 p.m.

In the morning we were able to catch some fish from the river for breakfast.

Cooking breakfast
Cooking breakfast

Wang Haew waterfall
Wang Haew waterfall

There was not much water in the fall, but it was still a nice and beautiful place. In the rainy season the fall would be full of water and very beautiful. However it would be very difficult or impossible to cross Sai Yai river to trek to the southern end.

Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river
Wang Haew waterfall

Crossing Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river
Crossing Wang Haew waterfall

After breakfast, we took down the camp, packed up and started the second day walk. We had to cross the waterfall just at the top of it. In the heavy rainy season (August to October) there could be lot of water and crossing would be very difficult or impossible.

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