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Khao Yai national park (eastern area) north to south trek: 02 - 05 January 2008

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This trail had not been walked by even the park's rangers for a year already. When we contacted the Khao Yai national park sub station 4 at Klong Blagang there was only one ranger who knew the trail, but unfortunately he was not free to go with us. He instead recommended us to contact the sub station 9 at sai Yai river (Nadi district). So we had two rangers from the Sai Yai sub station going with us. On the first day we spent the evening at the sub station 4 doing wildlife watching and talking with the park's staff. The next day we set out for the trek on moderately difficult, out of the beaten track trail overgrown with forest in many parts.

Scene from a wildlife watch tower, Klong Blagang
Scene from a wildlife watch tower, Klong Blagang

We waited for Gaur to come out from the forest. No animal came into our view. It was just one day after the long weekend holidays during which many people made visit to the sub station and that might had prevented the beasts from coming out for evening foraging.

In the next day morning a pick up truck from the sub station sent us to the trail head where we walked into the forest before a steep ascent of Khao Kham Phaeng (Khamphaeng). It took us about 2 hours to reach the grass and fern meadow at about 750 meters above the sea level.

Fern and grass meadow on Khao Khamphaeng
Fern and grass meadow on Khao Khamphaeng mountain

After a short walk through the sandy and rocky meadow land (it is said to have lot of flowers in the later part of rainy season and early cool months) we re-entered into the jungle and continued walking through trees, and plants covered with thorns.

Lunch on the fire
Cooking lunch

For lunch we got milo, bread and fruits. After that we put on the backpacks loaded with gear, supplies and clothes. Each of us carried roughly 12 to 15 Kg of stuff.

A dry stream
A dry rocky stream we passed at about 1 p.m.

Little water in the stream
A stream with little water

Just before 3 p.m. we arrived at almost dry stream. Only little water was left trickling down the rocky surface. The walking trail passes the stream at a point which is about 1/2 hours walk to Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river. From this point it is possible for hardy trekkers to walk to Khao Laem mountain in the central part of Khao Yai national park - a 7 days trek.

Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river
Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river

At 3:30 p.m. we arrived at Wang Haew waterfall where Sai Yai river drops over a rocky cliff. The camp site was located about 100 meters upstream of the fall.

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