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Chiang Rai, Doi Pha Tang, Thai-Laos border mountain viewpoint, Doi Phu Kha national park in Nan, Sirikit dam lake, Loei province, Nong Khai (27 Oct - 04 Nov 2007)

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Old houses and a modern car, Nan town
A modern sports utilities car parked near old wooden houses in Nan town

After Nan we continued southward to Sirikit dam lake in Uttaradit province. On the way we passed Phrae - a town whose entrance road is usually lined on both sides with shops selling various kinds of knifes.

Sirikit dam lake
Sirikit dam lake (*)

Sirikit dam lake is surrounded by mountains designated as national parks. Trekking and camping are possible. The parks also have bungalows for rent. The lakeside communities of mostly fishermen live on raft houses floating on the man-made reservoir. Some people run restaurants, bungalows, and boat and raft trips for tourists.

Sirikit dam hydroelectric power plant
Sirikit dam hydroelectric power plant (*)

Paddy harvesting
Paddy (rice) harvesting by hand tool (*)

After one night on the dam lake we were moving again toward south-east to Issan (E-sarn or north-eastern Thailand). We were on the way to Loei province. Still we were in the mountains and surrounded by forest sceneries.

Pla Ba or Tat San waterfall
Pla Ba or Tat San waterfall (*)

This waterfall which tips and drops over the rocky cliff is located on the rway from Dan Sai to a vine yard, in Phu Ruea district. It is popular with local people.

Pla Ba or Tat San waterfall
Pla Ba or Tat San waterfall (*)

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