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Sangklaburi - Sanepong - Laiwo - Jakae - Lay Tong Ku - Pueng Klueng jungle walk & Karen village homestay: 11 - 17 April 2007

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Arrive Pueng Klueng Karen village - Unphang
Before 10 a.m. we got to the first houses in Pueng Klueng - a large Karen village on Thai-Myanmar border. The houses close to the road 1288 had electricity, however those far from the road used solar panal battery system for lighting and radio.

A betal nut trees lined trail to Klueng Karen village
The walking trail to Pueng Klueng village is lined with Betal nut trees.

A tree survive on shallow water - Pueng Klueng Karen village
As a sign of summer a tree tried to survive on shallow water. It looked like it was going to fall down. Nearly all its roots were above the waterline. "I don't want to die now, if possible," said the tree.

Thai-Myanmar border gate at Klueng Karen village
A quiet Thai-Myanmar border gate at Pueng Klueng, at the end of road 1288. Both Thai and Myanmar people can enter each other country. There was no immigration. For ethnic hilltribe people who have been living there for many generations the border is just an imaginary line, not much interest. They have relatives and friends on both sides of the border.

New year activities on Pueng Klueng - Unphang road 1288
Songkran newyear activities on Pueng Klueng - Umphang road 1288, the last day of the holidays.

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