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Sangklaburi - Sanepong - Laiwo - Jakae - Lay Tong Ku - Pueng Klueng jungle walk & Karen village homestay: 11 - 17 April 2007

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Suriya river
Suriya or Thuriya river that flows into Myanmar (Burma) to join Gyaing river that merges with Salawin (Thanlwin) river and finally damps into Andaman sea. In the summer time people could walk on the stones like on this photo to other side. Bamboo rafts are also used to cross the river.

Suriya river
Suriya river is in the thick jungle all year round. The watershed hills shaped like " ) " are sources for both Mae Saket and Suriya. Streams in the south merge into Sakat river, and those in the north combine to become Suriya and later go down to lower land in Myanmar - on the west. On the other (eastern) side of this hill range are Mae Klong which comes through Umphang district and into Sri Nakarin dam lake, and streams that fill up Khao Laem dam lake in Sangklaburi.

A farm hut on Suriya river bank
A farm hut on the Suriya river bank.

A bamboo raft on Suriya river
Bamboo raft used for crossing Suriya river.

Suriya river to Lay Tong Ku village trail
Suriya river to Lay Tong Ku village trail. One could see the mountains beyond the village. It was nearly 4:30 p.m. and we were walking faster. We still needed to walk a stream dotted with stones and under the think cover of jungle before reaching to a dirt trail to the village.

entering Lay Tong Ku Karen village from the south - Umphang
Just after 5 p.m we reached the southern outskirt of Lay Tong Ku Karen village. That is in Umphang district of Tak province.

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