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Jungle trek and camping in Umphang along Klotho stream, Kotha and Thilosu waterfalls : 17 - 22 Feb 2007
National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Level Survival Trek of 7 students

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Crosing Klotho by a fallen tree
At a point we cross Klotho stream from north to south using a fallen tree trunk to follow the trail.

Crosing Klotho by a fallen tree
Photo from the other side.

Crosing Klotho by a fallen tree
We come to the area with farms and we know that we are not far from the road. Still it is some time we have to keep going before reaching to the end of our long trek.

The end of the trek and pick up car waiting
The end of the walk. Before noon we get to a corn farm house near the road 1288, where our pick up truck is waiting for us with some snack food and cold drink we thirst for.

Our lunch in Umphang town
After shower and changing clothes we sit for a Thai lunch in Umphang town before going out for a brief sightseeing of this small community of northern Thais, Karen, migrant workers, and other minority tribes.

sun setting over Umphang forested mountains
On the way from Umphang to Mae Sot on the truck. Good bye Umphang! It is sad to see the sun setting over the mountains of Umphang where we spent entire four days walking and camping along the major portion of an important river. Hopefully we could come back here one day.

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