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Jungle trek and camping in Umphang along Klotho stream, Kotha and Thilosu waterfalls : 17 - 22 Feb 2007
National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Level Survival Trek of 7 students

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Bamboo grove above Thilorsu waterfall
Bamboo are everywhere, green and fresh. We arrive on top of Thilorsu waterfall cliff exhausted but happy and satisfied. We have done one of the most difficult sections of our trek.

Thilorsu waterfall below us
Thilorsu waterfalls are now below us! Just an hour before we were at the foot of the waterfalls. How have we made it makes us believe in ourselves more.

Red flower on the jungle floor
A red strange looking flower on the jungle floor.

Pitching tents at jungle camp
Pitching tents for third night jungle camping also on Klotho river bank, upstream of Thilorsu waterfall.

Making a bamboo table
We build a table out of bamboo pieces. Bamboo, knife, clothes, water in the stream, and a mean to build fire may be five most important things for jungle life. Bamboo can be transformed into plates, cups, table, pot to cook food and boil water; and it is used to build shelter to stay, and bridge to cross rivers - just to name a few.

Our bamboo table with things on it
Our bamboo table with things on it.

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