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Jungle trek and camping in Umphang along Klotho stream, Kotha and Thilosu waterfalls : 17 - 22 Feb 2007
National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Level Survival Trek of 7 students

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Ban Kotha primary school books and stationary
The primary school keeps books, writing equipment, and teaching assistants in a bamboo hut.

Ban Kotha primary school
The school has study class rooms, exhibition room, store room, toilets and staff house - all made of wood and bamboo.

Teacher's house
Teacher's accommodation. Currently there is only one teacher who comes from another village.

Boiling water for lunch
After leaving Ban Kotha Karen village by crossing the wooden bridge over to the northern side of Klotho sream, we continue to Thilorsu waterfall camp. On the way we stop to make lunch - toasted bread, jam, and milo.

Making toast over bon fire
Making toast over bon fire.

Arriving Thilorsu waterfall camp site
After lunch we continue walking along Klotho stream. It is roughly 7km from Ban Kotha to Thilorsu waterfall camp yard and an office of Umphang wildlife sanctuary.

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