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Jungle trek and camping in Umphang along Klotho stream, Kotha and Thilosu waterfalls : 17 - 22 Feb 2007
National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Level Survival Trek of 7 students

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Mending the bamboo bridge over Klotho stream
Using bamboo stripes we tie the loosing parts of the bridge together to make it stronger.

Walking the bridge to cross Klotho stream
Then we cross the Klotho stream one by one by the bridge. The middle section of the bridge is hanging to an overhead tree branch by a set of bamboo. It looks like it is going to break any time. But nothing happens.

Our first night camp on Klothi stream bank
Our first night camp on the bank of Klotho stream. Aftrer leaving Ban Platha Karen village after lunch we have walked about 3.5 hours this afternoon. We pitch our tents, collect dead wood, build fire, manage the stuff, and do cooking.

Cooking in the forest
Cooking in the forest. During the dry season it is easy to start a fire, but it is necessary to keep a watch on it. Otherwise we must make sure to clear the surrounding of any fuel so the fire will not spread.

Jungle toilet
We also dig a jungle toilet hole and use tree branches and leaves as cover.

Our camp at early morning
Early morning scene of our camp with the background of Klotho stream and green jungle. It is quiet; the only sound we hear is the music of the jungle: water flowing over the rocks, wind, leaves, birds, and occasional monkey calls from a distance. Today (19 Feb 2007) we will walk to Kotha waterfall and Ban Kotha Karen tribal village, and sleep at Thilorsu waterfall camp site.

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