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Climb to Phu Miang mountain peak in Klong Tron national park: 05 - 08 Jan 2007

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Sunrise view from Phu Miang peak
The night passed with difficult sleep. The cold temperature kept us waking up several times. When the moon lit night (it was 3 days after full moon day) was over it was 6 in the morning and we started the fire again. This sun rise view was at 6:40 a.m.

View of Phu Soi Dao peaks from Phu Miang
Morning view of Phu Soi Dao peaks (2100 meters above the sea) on Thai-Laos border, on our east. The 2100 meters peak is inside Laos.

Getting down the steep trail
We were going down the same path. When going up we could look down the earth and forget the steepness of the slope. But now we could not effort to ignore it. Wise locating of every foot step is what it requires to descend safely. Any holdable plant and rock within reach is useful.

In the bamboo forest again
Walking down the lower hills in the bamboo forest. Going down was never the less faster done. We did stop at several spots to sip water.

A snake and a frog
Not very far from the sub station we had a look of a snake trying to swallow a frog. The frog dropped out the snake's mouth. Can you find the frog in the photo?

A bus at Nam Pat market
After having a good shower at the sub station we packed and came to Nam Pat market. We took this bus back to Uttaradit bus terminal.

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