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Climb to Phu Miang mountain peak in Klong Tron national park: 05 - 08 Jan 2007

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View from the Phu Miang mountain range
The final section of the ascent is the most difficult part of the hike. We had to walk straight up over the rocks using small plants as hand holds. When we looked back toward the west we saw the sub station in the middle left part of this photo.

A protruding rock
A rock plate in the air from which we took few photos of the valley below. This protruding rock is right beside the final steep path to the peak.

Finally at the camp between the two peaks
Finally we were at the summit camp between the two peaks of Phu Miang mountain. We immediately searched dead wood and built a fire and prepared food. While waiting for rice we pitched our tents. It was going to be quite cold.

View from Phu Miang peak
5:30 p.m. The view of our final trail to the peak from the peak. The snaking zip-zap mountain ridge and the final steep ascent were clearly seen under the evening sun.

Sunset view from Phu Miang - Klong Tron park - Uttaradit
At 5:50 p.m. the sun started to set over the mountains in the western part of Khlong Tron national park. On the left was another peak of Phu Miang range - said to be around 1700 meters above the sea. After dinner we sat around the fire, drank some hot drink, dried clothes, and talked in the cold windy evening. The sky was filled with stars. The temperature was falling.

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