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Climb to Phu Miang mountain peak in Klong Tron national park: 05 - 08 Jan 2007

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Jungle floor - Klong Tron national park
Colors of the fallen leaves in January. It was cool in the jungle, but a bit warm by the sun whenever we came out into an opening. Overall the weather was nice and comfortable during the trek. We walked on leaves, dead bamboo, on dump soil, over the rocks and stones. We were doing much more going up and down then walking on relatively flat trail.

Butressed roots of a tree
The butressed roots of a tree at an easy part of the trail. Each one of us was carrying a tent, a sleeping bag, clothes, food, pots and gear for camping. It was a luxury to be walking on such a good part of the trail after a couple hours of non stop ups and downs.

Bundles of wild nuts in the jungle
Bundles of wild fruits on a tree. At about 1 p.m. we stopped at a canal to make our lunch of noodle soup. Then we picked some stream water in our containers to bring to the camp at the top.

Peaks of Phu Miang
An hour later we were walking on a mountain ridge with both sides sloping down into the valleys below. We had a clearer view of the 1600 meter peaks of Phu Miang - our night camp.

The forest plants of Klong Tron jungle
Looking around below our eye level, we were surrounded by forest of colors on all slopes of every hills down to the deep valleys where probably there were rivers or streams and waterfalls.

Flowers of highland
A flower in the highland.

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