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Climb to Phu Miang mountain peak in Klong Tron national park: 05 - 08 Jan 2007

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The peaks of Phu Miang in the distance
We walked up the hill and went down the other side just to go up again another hill. The trail took us along the mountain side over a stream below, and then through the bamboo, and again up another mountain. About one hour after leaving the bamboo and thatched huts we got a view of Phu Miang peaks in the distance.

The peaks of Phu Miang in the distance
About 10 minutes later we came to an opening and saw more peaks at the summit area. They looked like Doi Luang Chiang Dao range in northern Chiang Mai province, but in smaller scale.

Walking up a hill
Walking up a path around the hill. We were in the bamboo forest. Here the stem sections of bamboo are longer than the average we have seen in other Thailand's jungle. The park's ranger said the longest could be as long as 1.8 meter.

A source of water in the forest
Water is very important. Everytime we go for a jungle trek someone who know the area should go along so we have an idea of where we can have water and where there is no water, and how much water we must carry with us for camping, etc.

The tree line in the sky
At a waterfall section we took a stop for a drink and a bite of fruit we brought with us. Trekking to Phu Miang peaks will need you to carry water to the camp at the peak since there is no water source at and closeby the camp. You will find the last stream with water about the middle of the trail where you have to collect water.

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