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Climb to Phu Miang mountain peak in Klong Tron national park: 05 - 08 Jan 2007

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Uttaradit province boasts three national parks: Lam Nam Nan, Phu Soi Dao and Klong Tron. Phu Soi Dao is the most famous one offering among many activities a nature walk to the Pine cladded mountains of Phu Soi Dao along Thailand - Laos border. The climb that requires a camping in the pine plateau could be done between later part of rainy season to middle of January. Many people go to Lam Nam Nan national park to do boat riding and enjoy relaxing moment at an accommodation beside the lake of Sirikit Dam surrounded by green hills.

Klong Tron is perhaps the least popular park in the province. But on the eastern part of the park is its highest hill 'Phu Miang' which resembles the shape of beautiful Doi Luang Chiang Dao in the north of Chiang Mai province.

Soldiers at New Morchit bus temrinal - Bangkok
Waiting for the bus departure time at New Morchit bus terminal in Bangkok. Second class, first class and VIP or 24 seator buses with better toilet onboard depart Bangkok in the evening and night for a 7 to 8 hours drive to Uttaradit town.

Early morning in Uttaradit - bus to Nam Pat
The next day in Uttaradit, it was 5:35 a.m. and passengers were gathering at a roadside bus stop where they would take the bus to Nam Pat - about 50km to the east or over one hour drive passing small towns and villages.

From Nam Pat district town there was no regular public transport to the Khlong Tron national park. You could contact the park ahead of your travel to get a pick up truck pick you for a fee. The 23 km road winding the hills to the sub station of Klong Tron waterfall passes villages amids the farms of rice paddy, vegetable, corn, pine apple, and banana.

A bungalow style house for rent at the sub station of Namtok Khlong Tron waterfall
This 3 bed room - 2 bath room bungalow house close to the substation office is available for rent. Visitors must bring their own food and gear.

Rustic huts near the first level of Klong Tron waterfall
At the time of our travel two rustic huts without facilities inside were available for rent nearby the first level of Khlong Tron waterfall - roughly 1 km from the sub station office. Toilet and rest rooms were outside. Alternatively tourists can bring their own tents. However, like us, most local tourists would arrive in the morning and directly go for a climb to the mountain.

Start trekking from the waterfall to the Phu Miang
The begining of the trek from the waterfall to Phu Miang mountain. Bamboo, evergreen and mixed forest exist in the park along with little number of pines and submontane plants in the upper elevations. The 518 square km park land ranges in elevation from 200 meters to more than 1600 meters above the sea level.

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