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Trek from Taphoen Khi village (Phu Toei national park) to Klong Salong (Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary) 07 - 10 Dec 2006

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Mushrooms on the foresst ground
Our third morning in the jungle was similar to the other mornings except that everyone was now expecting to get to the village. After the breakfast we packed our bags and started again the last day walk. We continued the stream for about one hour and started hiking up a steep slope of a hill. It was a bit hard part, but then after reaching the top the trail was very easy going through the forest in gentle slope downwards.

Getting out of the jungle at last
At 11:30 a.m. we saw the broad sunlight and within a minute we were emerging out of the jungle into the rice and corn fields of Ban Klong Salong Karen village which is in Ban Rai district of Uthai Thani province. It was a relaxing moment and we all felt accomplishing happyness. But then we still had to walk few kilometers passing small hills into the village proper.

Last wild flower saying good bye to us
Last wild flower with fully bloomed petals enclosing a white colour seed pot. It looked as if saying to us a final good bye. An ant was on a nearby leaf.

Just harvested corn fields
Panorama of hills after hills. On some hills were corn, rice, chillies and vegetable. We walked up and down the hills along the foot paths toward the village. There were occasional huts made of bamboo used as temporary living shelters for people who would take care of the farms.

Earthern water jars in a house
Earthern water storage pots in a Karen house. At about 12:45 p.m. we arrived at a house (Ban Klong Salong) where we would wait for our pick up truck. We bought some food and cooked our lunch. The village had electricity and a dirt dusty road link with Ban Rai. Kao the dog from Taphoen Khi village (Suphan Buri province) got a new owner in this village.

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