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Trek from Taphoen Khi village (Phu Toei national park) to Klong Salong (Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary) 07 - 10 Dec 2006

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Mountain turtle of Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary
This female mountain turtle of about one foot length was seen on a hillside while we went up a hill intending to get down on the other side to the stream's upstream part again.

Flower of the jungle
This flower of the jungle was lying low close to the stones in the stream bed as if it was also searching for water.

Water in the canal
At 11:30 a.m. we found little water in the canal. We decided to go further for more water for our lunch break.

Stream with water
Before 1 p.m. we had a good place for lunch. We stopped, found dead wood, built fire. Within half an hour we had hot drink, steamy rice, and noodle. After a short rest we continued again so as to arrive at a good place for camping before the darkness came.

Second night camp - cooking
Before 4 p.m. we got to a place beside the rocky stream where we could pitch tents. The ground was sloping but we managed to make it suitable for tents. We built a good fire and boiled the stream water in bamboo, cooked rice in a pot. Today dinner was going to be corn soup and rice and, as usual, hot drinks and bread too. We also ate fruits and nuts. But that night we got only one frog.

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