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Trek from Taphoen Khi village (Phu Toei national park) to Klong Salong (Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary) 07 - 10 Dec 2006

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Walk along a dry stream
Walking on the stone filled dry stream. We walked along the dry stream bed filled with rocks, into the wood sometimes as we hiked and searched for the best trail to set foot. The dog led us in the front as if he was looking for water.

A wild flower in the middle of nowhere
While we were pushing ahead and at the same time looking for water, this wild flower did not seem to care much. It was blooming amids thick plants showing off her beauty to those who happened to come.

Another wild flower
Judging from the healthy wildlife we were sure water was there; we just did not find it yet. So we went on walking upstream along the stream.

Walking low under the plants
This is just an easy one out of many such obstacles in the jungle. Tropical, rain forest jungle in their healthy state are thick with millions different kinds of plants and wildlife including many species of insects. Trekking through a good jungle in tropical country especially in a wet rainy season is not easy.

Walk along a dry stream
It was nearly 10 a.m. and we were still walking the stones in the dry river bed. We had all bottles full of water when we left the last night camp. We now stopped to sip water when we felt we needed. The dog refused the water we offered to him; instead he looked satisfied with just licking the plants, leaves, and stones.

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