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Trek from Taphoen Khi village (Phu Toei national park) to Klong Salong (Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary) 07 - 10 Dec 2006

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The village dog taking a rest after jungle walk
At the end of a day jungle walk even the dog needs a rest. While we were cooking the dinner he took the warmth from the bon fires while waiting for his evening meal. The whole day the dog ran, went inside bushes in search of no one knew what, hiked up and down mountains and rocks; and when very hungry ate salty earth and drank canal water.

The mountain brook at the first night jungle camp
The little stream where we camped the first jungle night. We used the canal water for cleaning things, shower, drinking and cooking our soup. Night shower in the jungle was a chilling experience. We caught some fish and frogs too.

Second day trek
Next day morning we had bread and hot drinks, and rice with soup as our breakfast. After packing and clearing the camp we went again on the second day of jungle trek. We were now in Uthai Thani province, within the territory of Huay Kha Kaeng wildlife sanctuary.

Is it guar foot print?
Is it gaur footprint? Guars were known to be living in this area. Other inhabitants were badgers, civets, deer, pigs, elephants and many more.

Gaur dropping?
Gaur dropping? Second day walk was as nearly difficult as the first day, but not so demanding. We still had to cut tree branches with thorns, and scrambled over mountain slopes sometimes. However we were able to walk farther and a bit faster.

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