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Thailand Photos: Trek in Phu Toei national park, Khao Thawanda mountain, Ban Taphoen Khi Karen village - Suphanburi province (21 - 23 Oct 2006)

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Hand weaving of cloths
Some older houses were built on stilts, with underside of the houses being used for storage, chicken and pig pen, and rest area. Here Karen ladies were hand weaving their clothes. They produce Karen traditional blouses and salongs for both sexes, bags, blankets, and so on for own use.

Buddhist monastery
The village Buddhist monastery.

Meditation huts in the monastery
One of several meditation huts in the monastery.

Village primary school
Village primary school. There were two teachers teaching all primary level subjects as well as skills necessary for local use. After the primary education some children went to larger villages with secondary schools for further study. The overnight tourists could pitch their tents in the school compound. Public toilets and rest rooms were available.

Buffalos grazing with Khao Thawanda mountain in the back ground
Buffalos grazing in the grass field with Khao Thawanda mountain in the back ground. Buffalos and cows were used for transport and in the farms as movers and pushers.

Narrow entrance to a cave
A narrow entrance to a cave near the village. Several caves were found in the area, and are open to visitors. Bring torch lights or candals into the cave for lighting.

Flowers again
Flowers again as we prepared to leave the village for a walk down the dirt road. The scenes of fruits, vegetables, flowers, rice and corn fields, the green hills and the simple lives of local people tell us something about relationship between us and the earth.

Down the dirt road to the town finally
However we were finally leaving behind us this beautiful place. We walked down the winding dirt road for several kilometers to the point near the Taphoen Khi waterfall where our pick up truck would be waiting to take us back to town.

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