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Thailand Photos: Trek in Phu Toei national park, Khao Thawanda mountain, Ban Taphoen Khi Karen village - Suphanburi province (21 - 23 Oct 2006)

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Mountain corn. Corn is an important produce after rice for the villagers. Indeed it is a cash crop in many hill Karen villages. Rice/paddy agriculture is just for their own consumption while corn can be sold to get some income. In many places corn is harvested two times: one in the middle of rainy season and the other in the cool season.

Orange fruit
Orange fruit trees at Taphoen Khi Karen village. Orange, Grape fruit and other fruits and vegetable grown in the village firms are mostly for own consumption.

Yelow, pink and red flower Dark orange color flowers
Flowering plants are almost everywhere scattering in and out of the village as well as in the forest.

Jack fruits
Jackfruits hanging from the tree. Jackfruits and bananas trees were found here and there like wild fruits.

At the village center
Finally we entered the village proper. Houses were built of mainly wood, and covered by corrugated roofing. National electricity network did not reach the village, however they had solar panals to power lighting and radios.

Taphoen Khi Karen village houses
Some houses were made partly of brick. Water was supplied by piping the mountain water down into the village. Rain water collectors and storage tanks were are also being used as supplimentary. They can accept small group of overnight tourists at the school or at a home.

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