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Thailand Photos: Trek in Phu Toei national park, Khao Thawanda mountain, Ban Taphoen Khi Karen village - Suphanburi province (21 - 23 Oct 2006)

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Moring fog from Khao Thawanda mountain
At 6:40 a.m. fog were thick in the air surrounding the mountain base. The view was fantastic. It was cold and still windy but no rain was going to be coming around. We had our fire built again and started boiling water to fill up our bottles.

View of Taphoen village farms from Thewada mountain peak
View of part of Taphoen Khi village and its farm on the upper slope of Tawanda (Thewanda) mountains. The village had rice and corn, vegetable and fruits grown at home farms. Then they had cows and buffalos, chicken and pigs. Flowers are like wild plants everywhere in the village.

The morning mist, mountains, farms and Karen village
This picture shows us all: fog or mist in the air in the valleys among the hills, the popping hill peaks, local farms of rice and corn and fruits, and a part of Taphoen village with you at the highest peak - 1123 meters above the sea. Producing just enough for own comsumption of local population in relatively large forest area hilltribe peoples were able to keep the nature system sustainable for many generations.

A view through the trees while walking down the mountain
After breakfast and taking down the camp we walked down the mountain to the village. The views of farms became clearer and sharper.

Walking into the mountain farms of rice and corn
We touched the hillside rice and corn fields. The weather was just fine, the sky was clear, and a faint smell of old cut corn came and went.

Tomatos in the fruit and vegetable plot just outside Taphoen Khi Karen village. In addition, the villagers have grape fruit, orange, chillies, and other vegetable in their orchard.

Rice paddy
Rice paddy plants.

A thin tall tree
A thin tall tree standing alone in the middle of the farm yard. It must had withstood many years of winds and rains. A weakly looking plant like this could stay that long.

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