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Thailand Photos: Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi - walk and Karen village home stay (09 - 13 September 2006)

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A Zedi on the river bank
A Zedi or small solid pagoda stupa with its umbrella style top beside Songkalia (Sane Pong) river near Gosadeng village. Buddhist pagodas and monasteries in this area are closely related to those inside Myanmar (Burma).

Paddy fields and a hut
Green paddy field and its farm hut surrounded by jungle cladded mountains. In October and November the color would turn into yellow and farmers would prepare to harvest their rice. Paddy cutting is followed by stacking (temporatory storage at site), threshing, winnowing, and then the paddy grains are sent to storage hut.

Mountain views between Gosadeng and Gomong Hta villages
Mountains and beautiful views between Gosadeng and Gomong Hta Karen villages. This is the land of not just jungle and rivers, there are rocky mountains and caves as well as culture of tribal people who have for hundreds of years kept the environment in sustainable man to nature relationship. People of so-called high civilization have just learnt/discovered something and started to use the words like "sustainable", "eco-friendly", "responsible business", and so on in their corporate marketing.

To the road at last
To the road at last. Around 5:20 p.m. we hit the road - the road cars and motorcycles could drive. We arrived at the road between Gomong Hta (Go Mong Hta) village and Royal Forest Department station. Our cell phones were still not catching signals. So we went on walking toward road 323. Fortunately we met with local people on motorbikes and got their transport to a high point on the highway where we called to Sanglaburi for a pick up truck.

Khao Laem dam lake near Sangklaburi town
After-sunset view of northern tip of Khao Laem dam late in Sangklaburi town.

Three pagodas border pass check point between Thailand and Myanmar
On the last day morning before coming back to Bangkok we took time to visit this famous spot: three pagoda pass border check point between Thailand and Myanmar. People from both sides visit each other place for a day using border pass. This is the land of mixture of Thai, Mon, Karen, Myanmar (Burmese) and other minorities. In other words it is the place of many languages.

Karen villages in Sangklaburi - map
Karen villages in Sangklaburi

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