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Thailand Photos: Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi - walk and Karen village home stay (09 - 13 September 2006)

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Red mushrooms
A cluster of red mushrooms growing on a lying wood beside Sanepong (Song Kalia) river. The foot path along the river side cliff took us to the overhanging bamboo bridge.

Overhanging bamboo bridge over Songkalia river
The bridge looked like it was going to break into pieces under a heavy weight. We had to walk one by one slowly and steadily over the swaying bamboo. Rebuilt or repaired before the begining of each rainy season, people have to use it very carefully so it could last 6 wet months from May to October. Minor repairs such as replacing broken bamboo are done any time. After crossing the bridge we walked into Gosadeng village.

Bamboo of the bridge
Bamboo of the bridge. Second bridge in the village that took us to the other side of the river again. Bamboo are part of hilltribe people life. Without bamboo mountain people here would have harder life. Every hilltribe man has his knife - the most favorite tool for them to cut tree and bamboo. Baby bamboo or shoots are cooked into daily meals in villages. Bamboo is cut into cups, spoons, holders of all sorts, plates, containers to cook food or boil rice. It is used to build farm produce storage, farm hut and house, fence, bridge, chairs and other rustic furniture.

The dry season road - for now it was under the river
Dry season road under the river for now. After the end of the rains farm tractors and hardy four wheel drive vehicles may be able to drive on it. Other side of the river are houses from Gosadeng village.

Village irrigation system
Village irrigation system. Villagers try to manage and control the water flow according to their house and farm needs. Again they use logs and bamboo to construct mini dam, overflow, or doors to get desired direction and volume of waterflow.

Another bridge
Another bridge crossing the same river. It was the mystery of river that fascinated me when I was a kid during a boat trip upstream on Chindwin river in upper Myanmar. I was surprised to see the sun on my left side at a time, and on my right side at another time, and again that changed a couple more times.

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