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Thailand Photos: Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi - walk and Karen village home stay (09 - 13 September 2006)

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A village house by the hill
This wooden house sits close to a forested hill and next to a farm. Tilaipa village group encompasses a large area next to Thailand - Myanmar border. A rocky but forested hill with caves is in the middle of the village. The villages also straddle Kasat river which flows into Myanmar (Burma)'s Karen state.

Another village house
You can see the firewood stored under the house. Although most houses are provided with solar cell producing electricity for lighting and radio people rely on fire wood and charcoal for cooking. Stream water source in the highland is supplied to the houses by piping.

A wild flower
At 5 a.m. we were awoken by the call of gibbon from the trees in a nearby hill. The gibbon was making a very long call until the sun broke the dawn. After a good breakfast we set out to walk back to Sangklaburi. We would walk along the dirt dry season road which was now partly under water or forest growth. The village head cooked and packed lunch for us to eat on the way.

Begining of the trail Tilaipa to Gosadeng village
At around 7:30 a.m. we left the beautiful village and got onto the same road we used to reach here. After passing the section we walked yesterday the road turn into a jungle trail. Bamboo, banana, hardwood trees were everywhere. Parts of the road was flooded and blocked by overgrowth of trees. At some places we took oursleves into the jungle and made a short but hard cut before hitting the road again.

A stream crossing the road
Small stream crosing the road. We were walking up a mountain called Khao Yom. Many leeches and mosquitos waited for food. We heard sounds of hornbills again. We also saw wild chickens but no other people and it was a long way to another village called Gosadeng.

A larger stream to cross
Two mountain streams combined into a larger one that cut across the road. In the dry season there might be only little or no water here. We waded through water and continud walking. There was a long way ahead to reach a village and the paved road. Suddenly it started to rain; at first it was a light shower and then heavy downpour followed.

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