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Thailand Photos: Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi - walk and Karen village home stay (09 - 13 September 2006)

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On the dry season jungle road
At 2 p.m. we hit the dry season dirt road to Tilaipa lined with bamboo groves on both sides. This very rough road passed several streams without a bridge. In the dry season hardy four wheel drive vehicles could travel from the road 323 to Tilaipa.

Colorful mushrooms
Colours of the jungle. Rosy red mushrooms on green moss cover of a dead tree branch. Such are the relaxing beauties that make people forget the trouble of leeches, mosquitos and other insects.

Eentering Tilaipa village
At 3 p.m. we arrived the southern entrance to Tilaipa village (group). The first thing we saw was its school which was much larger than that of Laiwo. Children were playing around, some people were mending the road into the village. Things looked pretty lively and the landscape attractive like in a garden.

But be warned, this border village does not want larger than small group of tourists and uncontrolled tourism. They do not want tourism become important part of their life.

A house in Tilaipa
As usual we informed the village head, which is the duty of a visitor, and got permitted to stay the night in his house. After a simple dinner we set off to walk around the village.

A wood and bamboo house. The space under the house is for storing fire wood, other wood and bamboo, larger farm tools and maybe a tractor. Nail-less buildings are now very rare as people are using materials they can bring from towns. Instead of thatch and bamboo many houses use corrugated metal for roofing. However most farm huts are still made of wood and bamboo without driving a nail. They cut bamboo to produce thin strips to tie things together. Canes are used for tying larger wood and bamboo, as well as to make baskets, fishing equipment, etc.

The monastery
A Buddhist monastery on a higher land. The village is made up of several small groups of houses. It is much larger than Laiwo. As for Laiwo and Salawa, Tilaipa village head was at that time responsible for Jakae village further a day walk in the north.

Wooden transport trawler
A trawler to be drawn by an ox or a buffalo, made of wood. Some villagers had got motor tractor for use in farming, and motorcycles. One house had an elephant.

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