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Thailand Photos: Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi - walk and Karen village home stay (09 - 13 September 2006)

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Passing paddy fields of Laiwo
Next day we visited a couple of houses, talked to the elderly people, said good bye to the villagers and left for next destination: Tilaipa village in the north. We were heading north-east passing the paddy fields again. At 9 a.m. most villagers were already working in their farms.

Streams and waters of the jungle
Shortly after entering the thick forest we found ourselves wadding through waters again. Today we met more leeches than during yesterday walk, though not so many. The whole jungle of hardwood and bamboo was really very wet in the middle of the rainy season.

A glimpse of sky
At the end of an hour walk, we were not yet close to the middle of the trail to the dry season dirt road to Tilaipa village. However we had already left the trail to the north to Salawa village which shared the leadership of one headman with Laiwo at that time.

Boiling water in bamboo

After passing many streams and small rocky waterfalls and hills we were hungry. At about 1 p.m. we found a small stream in bamboo forest where we decided to stop for lunch. Every wood and leaves we found on the ground were wet, and it took us half hour to build a flaming fire. We cut a good size green and growing bamboo, cleaned inside, filled with stream water, plugged with fresh leaves and put it over the fire and waited for water to boil.

. Pouring hot water into a bamboo cup
Leeches, ants, and other insects were abound; the ground and trees were wet, and there was no good place to sit and put things on. In these circumstances even making a bamboo cup needs one to think.

A small snake
Our lunch was toast, hot drink, some nuts and water. After a while with full stomach we headed on walking through the watery forest for the yet unfinished journey. At a point we encountered this small browny crawler on a browny ground. The snake looked unharmful. We heard sounds of wild chicken, monkeys, and hornbills but never saw them by eyes.

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