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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai National park overnight trek to Khao Laem mountain (11 - 14 August 2006)

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White color wild flowers
White color wild flowers of central northern Khao Yai forest, near our camp. Jungle is beautiful, but staying overnight and doing multi-day trek in the forest on your own is a survival which is neither easy nor impossible. For example discharging your solid waste in the wood could be a problem for city people. However when you trek with an experienced person you will get education about how to properly manage the things including the personal matters in the forest.

Cooking and drying clothes and shoes
In the morning we had to dry clothes, shoes, leech socks, etc. while cooking breakfast. Because we could not bring a lot of clothes, we used the same set of clothes (except underware) for day trekking so it was necessary to dry them again after a wet day.

Making toast
Making toast. In this part of the forest bamboo is scarce and most wood you find in the rainy season are moisten with water. Without bamboo and dry wood things get little more demanding. All members of the trek party must work together, take responsibility to do his/her part in getting things done.

Equipment and gear of a national park's staff
Equipment carried by the national park ranger treking together with us. Map (in the pipe covered with plastic cap), gun, GPS receiver (Global positioning system), two-way radio, trekking khife, back pack, military-style pot for cooking, hat, rubber slippers for camp use, etc. Clothes were packed in plastic bags and put inside yet another large (garbage) bag inside the back pack.

Huay Krok De waterfall
Krok De waterfall. After a breakfast of boiled rice, vegetable, remaining fruits, hot drink, bread and water, we put our loads on the shoulders and walked to the waterfall. Descending to the lower end of Krok De waterfall was on a slippery steep trail with just small plants to grab and get yourselves right. It was a beautiful fall with pools good for swimming below.

Look for something on the leaves
An insect with color matching its surrounding.

End of the jungle trek - to the road
End of the jungle trek. Before noon we arrived the cart track or jungle road. We walked on the road one hour to a village to the waiting pick up truck. After a shower at a village house we were sent to Pak Chong train station.

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