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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai National park overnight trek to Khao Laem mountain (11 - 14 August 2006)

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Going down Khao Laem mountain peak
Going down Khao Laem mountain peak. At about 1 p.m. We started going down the mountain to the place where we left our bags, Unfortunately we got lost of our trail and had to spend nearly one hour to locate them. In the thick of jungle gps was not helping us.

A glimpse of northern border of Khao Yai national park
A glimpse of lowland on the northern border of Khao Yai national park. Going down was not difficult, but we were a bit of hurrying since we knew in these circumstances we should get to the second camp before the fall of darkness. The rain could come any time. We did not have a proper lunch yet.

Plants on the trail down Khao Laem hills  Mushrooms on dead tree on forest floor
Plants on the trail down Khao Laem hills toward north. The jungle ground was covered by a web of millions of plants many of them armed with skin tearing thorns. Whenever we push ourselves through the thick wood we were caught up in the middle of plants.

A leg caught in the plants
Many times we were grabbed by crawling plants especially where our feet went through thick ground canopy blocking our view. During three days of walk we fell a couple of times but were able to rise ourselves up and walk. The rocky, slippery places are particularly dangerous.

Arrive Huay Krok De stream
Just after 4 p.m. we arrived Huay Krok De stream and went on walking along the canal for another one hour to a place closeby Krok De waterfall to camp.

Camp place at Huay Krok De stream
Our second night camp on the stream. No, we did not camp on the rock which could be washed away in case of a flood or mud slide. We prepared a small area on the river bank to pitch our tents. We were all tired but we wasted no time to make camp and cook dinner. In the middle of our candle lit dinner on the rock heavy rain came. It lasted till early in the morning.

Second camp
Early morning view of our camp, after soaking up under the whole night rain. We cut small pieces of wood, built fire again, cooked breakfast, dried clothes and shoes, took down the canvas sheets and tents, and packed our stuff up for the last day walk to leave the jungle.

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